Monday, May 25, 2015

The Merry Month of May

My baby went to prom.  Doesn't he look handsome.

That smile is priceless.  He tried finding a date but was turned down by one girl and then found out another girl he was going to ask was going already.  Since he is only a junior, he decided he'd wait until senior year.  Three days before prom, a girl from one of his classes asked if he was going.  She said she was going by herself and wondered if he wanted to be her date.  We scrambled to get his tux.  Actually it is just suit with a tuxedo shirt, bow tie and pocket square.  I think we pulled it off nicely.

He's growing into a nice young man.  He asked me the other week if we could put in a garden.  Yesterday after a trip to the garden store, we got to work.  The soil was turned.  (I really wish I had a rototiller when I do that!)  We worked several bags of compost into the soil then got to work planting tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, summer squash, sugar snap peas and strawberries.  Now as long as we can keep the rabbits away, we should have a good crop of vegetables later this summer.

Saturday I went with a friend to the Great Lakes Fiber Festival.  The vendor area was bigger than ever.  It was hard restraining myself but I managed fairly well.  I tried to only get things I wouldn't find easily elsewhere.  I bought 3 patterns, alpaca yarn to make one of them, handmade soaps, hemp roving and yak roving.  

Making progress on the socks.  One is finished and the other one is started.  These will probably be gifted to Trisha because the leg is too narrow for me.

I'm also working on a scarf.  This is for a "pay forward" project on Facebook.  I owe three people gifts sometime this year.  This will be one of them.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Unscheduled Lazy Day

Now that the shawl is complete and delivered, the next few knitting projects are for me, maybe.  I started a pair of socks.   I'm using this pattern from Knitty.  The pattern is interesting without being complicated.  It is allowing me to practice a travelling stitch technique I learned a few years ago.  I'm crossing the stitches without using a cable needle.  It makes the knitting much faster.  It is my intention that these are for me, but if they end up being snug, and I'm beginning to think they will, I'll give them to one of my daughters.  Their feet are smaller than mine.  If that happens, I'll make myself a pair, but use a larger needle.

Speaking of needles, I am using a set of Karbonz double-pointed needles for this project.  I love them!!!  I bought them last fall at Fiber Optics in Milford, Ohio.  The brick and mortar shop opened last fall.  It is a really lovely store with all kinds of fabulous yarns and fibers.  Recognizing that there are many spinners out there, the shop has a wide selection of dyed and undyed fiber.  The center of the shop features clear drawers of different fibers to buy by the ounce.  Some of the fibers are so dreamy I wish I could shrink myself and jump inside of the drawer.

Today was supposed to be a travel day for me.  I was scheduled to visit my mom again, but something came up at home which changed my plans.  So now I have an entire day at home with no particular plans. It is cold and rainy outside.  I guess I'll just have to suffer through a day of sitting inside, knitting, spinning and watching movies.  [How dreadful!! ( ;-p)]  I guess I better be off to start my lazy day.  Yippee!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

It's a Wrap

Pun intended.  It's a wrap.  It's a shawl.  It's finished.

The knitting was over last weekend.  I think I wove in the ends last Sunday evening.

I had to wait until my daughter Kristin went back to college to block it.  Her bedroom is the best for blocking large items.

It is very drapey and light.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Finished measurements are 72 in x 24 in.  The definition of the stitches really thrill me.  It is now all boxed up and ready to take to the recipient.  I've really enjoyed this project, much more than I thought I would.  

Now on to other projects.  Something for me is in order.

Now that the weather is getting better, I'll probably be outside more.  Unless it is raining.  This past week was filled with an incredible amount of rain and thunderstorms.  This rainbow was from Thursday night.  We could use a little sun now to dry things out.

Part of my day today was spent at a quilting event.  A local organization provides quilts for patients at the Ohio State James Cancer Hospital.  Several friends and I spend the day sewing.  Here is the one quilt top I finished.  I have another mostly done.  It was a lot of fun.  You would think after a full day of sewing, I'd be sick of it.  Nope! It just made me want to do more sewing.

Too bad I have a day job and housework to do.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Offer It Up

I'm nearing the end of the shawl for my niece.  A few more evenings of knitting and this puppy will be ready to take a soak and get blocked.  I have about a third of the border left.  It has taken me two weeks to get this point.
After this project is over, I'll pick back up on my basic cardi.  I need to do something for me.  Maybe I'll make a pair of socks also.  I certainly have a stash of fingering weight yarn waiting for me.
In non-knitting news, my life is still very much consumed by my mom's health and my children.  Blake and I went on another college visit Friday.  This time to the University of Cincinnati.  Unlike his sisters, he really liked the campus and can see himself going there.  We have a few more campuses to visit.  We'll see next year where he ends up.
While in Cincinnati for the campus tour, Blake and I stayed in town to visit my mom.   I probably won't get down there again until mid-April.  I had hoped to get down for Easter, but the plans for Easter with my mom are too early in the day for my family and I to attend.  We would have to get up way too early and possibly miss church.  It upsets me that things couldn't have been arranged to be a little more accommodating for us since this may very well be the last Easter for my mom.  I'll stop complaining now.  Since we are going to be staying home, I'll just focus on making it nice for my family.  As my mom would say "Offer it up."

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Road Trip

Kristin had her spring break this past week.  Instead of heading to a warm climate, she and I went to Milwaukee and Chicago to check out a couple dental schools.  Wednesday was spent in Milwaukee touring Marquette University.  Thursday and Friday were spent in Chicago.  On Friday, after a quick tour of Midwestern University, we headed downtown to check out the Art Institute of Chicago.  I wished we had had more time.  You could spend days in that museum.  We did a fairly quick walk-through and hit most of the galleries.  We skipped the modern art ones since that genre doesn't appeal to us.  Here are some highlights.

A seated Buddha

The Spinner (my personal favorite!)

American Gothic 

One of Monet's Waterlilies 

St. George Slaying the Dragon 

After the museum, we headed out into the cold to find the bean.  We didn't realize it until we found it that we walked right past is as we went from the parking garage to the Art Institute.  Like true tourists, we took a picture of ourselves reflected in it.  We sort of look like 'Umpa-loompas' because of the angle of reflection.

The sky was clear on Friday which made for some great photos of the Chicago skyline reflected in the Bean.

After that we trekked up Michigan Avenue.  We didn't buy anything but I did see an outfit I'd like to recreate.  I'm not that skinny, but I think I could still pull it off.

After that we headed up Lake Shore Dr to visit one of Kristin's friends from college who went home to Chicago for Spring Break.  Kristin took this picture as we passed Navy Pier.

We'll have to make another trip there in the summer when the weather is warmer.  There is a lot more to explore.